Paul Peacock was born and raised in Hatfield, Pennsylvania which is about 30 miles from North Philadelpia. Born to Alice and Ray Peacock on April 19, 1971. Paul went to St. Marie Goretti Elementry Shcool then to Lansdale Catholic. He exelled in watching television. When Paul went to Montgomery County Community College in 1991, he developed a passion for the visual arts. Friends began calling him Pauly either because of the "Good Fellows" movie, Pauly Shore, or the "Rocky" movie. After graduating from Community College he did many different jobs from busser, bartender, waiter, tire warehouseman and cabinet maker apprentice. In 1998, driven to learn more about art, Pauly moved to Portland, Oregon to attend Pacific Northwest College of Art to attain a Bachelors Degree in Painting. He graduated in 2001. Pauly Peacock is still living in Portland and is now building his website.